カーボンナノチューブなどナノカーボンに関する世界最大の国際会議International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes and Low-Dimensional Materials (NT21)に発表します。6月6日~11日までオンラインで開催されます。

Study of dense colloidal catalyst nanoparticle deposition for super high-density CNT forest
Kento Tabata, Yuga Kono, Takayuki Nakano, Yoku Inoue

CNT/copper composite yarn made from copper nanoparticle decorated spin capable CNT forest
Kosuke Tanaka, Takayuki Nakano, Yoku Inoue

Mechanical and electrical properties of 14-cm-long continuous CNT and connected spun CNT yarns
Yoku Inoue, Tatsuhiro Hayashi, Takayuki Nakano, Hirotaka Inoue, Yasuhiko Hayashi, Hisashi Sugime, Suguru Noda