CNT Laboratory,  Shizuoka University


Synthesize long CNTs

Until now, CNT has been widely understood as a short fiber of about several microns. Various growing methods of CNT are researched and developed all over the world. However, CNT growth will automatically stop in a few minutes. As a result, only short CNTs are obtained. So why does CNT stop growing? We are working on the issue of what improves CNT’s life. In our previous research, we have developed CVD (Chemical vapor Deposition) technology to grow CNTs several mm long in a short time. We’re taking several ways to prolong CNT growth. Going forward, we will continue to develop technologies to grow longer CNTs.
When the technology to grow long CNT is established, CNT fiber, CNT fabric, CNT rope, CNT power transmission line will come in our life. CNT has an infinite range of applications.

Fabricate large structures with CNT

Although the characteristics of each CNT are very good, it is still a short material and it is difficult to handle for practical use. The excellent material properties of CNT mainly appear in the long axis direction. Therefore, if CNT is arranged in the same direction and scaled to a size that is easy to handle, it can be used as a new CNT material that takes advantage of the features of CNT.
Our group is conducting research to produce large CNT structures by pulling the CNT web out of the CNT array (forest) and processing it. In addition to elucidating the mechanism of material properties of the large CNT structure, we are further improving the characteristics and developing applied technologies that take advantage of these characteristics. Here, in order to form the CNT web, “high-spinning CNT forest” is the key material.