Author: <span>inoueyoku</span>

Carbon nanotube research at Inoue lab

We have developed a completely new synthesis method for carbon nanotubes (CNT), which have excellent properties as materials, to create carbon nanotube structures that have never been before. Although carbon nanotubes are nanomaterials with excellent electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties so that they are called “new materials of the 21st century,” We are developing high-strength, ultra-light carbon nanotube materials, focusing on mechanical properties in particular. If this is achieved, weight of vehicles, such as automobiles and airplanes can be reduced to about one-tenth of what they are today, saving significantly on fossil fuels, and greatly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

We are happy to help and work with CNT

Our carbon nanotubes have unique characteristics such as long, straight, high density, high crystalline, and high spinnability.
Carbon nanotubes can be spun and processed into large scale structures, such as long fibers and aligned sheets, making it easy to achieve CNT applications that were not possible with conventional powder forms.
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